We represent shareholders in securities class actions and derivative litigation arising out of corporate fraud or misconduct.

Securities class-action lawsuits permit individuals who have shared a common damage to pursue claims for damages, even when their individual claims might be considered repetitive or insignificant. Class-action lawsuits work to reduce redundancy in the judicial system and to improve efficiency to litigation.

The number of parties — either plaintiffs, defendants, or both— must be so large as it would be unsuitable or impractical for each plaintiff to pursue an individual claim. What is more, a prevailing matter of law or fact must exist to make the proceedings more efficient to resolve all the claims at once.

Shareholder derivative lawsuits, meanwhile, give shareholders the opportunity to pursue claims against the corporation in which they hold shares.

It should be noted that while class-action lawsuits allow a specific group of shareholders to proceed to sue the corporation, a shareholder derivative lawsuit comprises the interests of all the shareholders.

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