We represent investors who suffer losses as a result of their brokers selling them improper or fraudulent investments “away from the brokerage firm.”

Selling away is the inappropriate practice by brokers or investment professionals who sell securities not offered by the brokerage firm with which they are associated or affiliated, or outside the regular course or scope of business of those brokers’ firms.

Brokers or financial advisors who sell investment products which their firm doesn’t carry or offer may be liable for selling away from the firm, a practice usually prohibited because of its susceptibility to fraud, deception, and increased risk to investors.

One potential hazard of selling away is that an investor may falsely believe that an outside investment is endorsed in good faith by the broker’s firm, thus giving it a mistaken sense of legitimacy and security. Also, as the firm is not properly supervising the sale according to specific rules in the securities industry, investors are more susceptible to losing their money.

Given the high risk of fraud associated with selling away, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority mandates that brokerage firms reasonably supervise their stockbrokers to prevent them from engaging in selling away.  The duty to supervise is strict, and includes unannounced visits, audits, review of the brokers’ communications, and so on.

When a brokerage firm fails to adequately supervise its broker and prevent him from selling unapproved products to customers, away from the firm, the firm may be liable to such investors if the products turn out to be fraudulent or inappropriate for the investors.

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