We often represent investors who have lost money in Ponzi schemes.  The RoscaLaw firm principal, Alan Rosca, has represented thousands of victims of Ponzi schemes.

Ponzi schemes are fraudulent investment programs in which unscrupulous promoters pay supposed returns to existing investors with money raised from new investors, in effect “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Ponzi schemes are by definition unsustainable and fraudulent. They are unsustainable because they depend on the promoters’ ability to continuously recruit new investors to be able to pay returns to existing investors.  As the size of the scheme grows, the distribution payments to existing investors grow ever larger, and at some point the promoters become unable to recruit sufficient investors to cover those distribution payments. At that point, the Ponzi scheme runs out of steam and collapses.

Ponzi schemes are inherently fraudulent because new investors are not told that their money would be misused, and instead of being invested as promised it would be misdirected to pay returns to existing investors.

Down cycles in financial markets often reveal Ponzi schemes when investors calling for withdrawal quickly consume the remaining funds.

Ponzi schemes are an incredibly dangerous form of investment as they are inherently ill-fated to fail. Furthermore, the longer they last, the greater the number of victims which are accrued and hence the more harm and injury they can cause.

Ponzi schemes are sometimes given a patina of legitimacy as the perpetrator or promoters are associated with otherwise reputable brokerage firms, insurance companies, or accounting or law firms which fail to properly supervise their agents.

Also, Ponzi scammers often engage in “affinity fraud,” meaning they tend to defraud people who belong to the same group – ethnic groups, religious groups, professional groups, etc.

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