We seek compensation for victims of commodities fraud such as precious metal fraud, forex fraud, and futures fraud. The majority of commodity fraud cases arise from the forex market and the precious metals market. Investors with access to these and other commodities markets sometimes engage in speculative, high-risk commodities trading at the behest of unscrupulous brokers and without adequately understanding the risks involved.

Commodities fraud schemes are often promoted accompanied by false promises of high returns, dishonest trading practices, and the manipulation and distortion of commodities markets. Sometimes, brokers, and traders and financial institutions that assist them all work together in commodities fraud schemes and can all face liability for misconduct.

Unethical promoters often prey on investors who are concerned with downturns in the economy or instability in financial markets, and their advertising pitches might warn of impending doom and financial calamity for those only holding fiat currency or stocks and bonds.

They may promote schemes in gold, silver, platinum and palladium to fight downturns in the economy or to hedge against inflation, and foreign exchange risk. Inexperienced or unsophisticated investors should be careful of companies that make sales pitches stating that customers can make large sums of money with little risk by purchasing precious metal through financing agreements or making. Sometimes these companies offer investors the opportunity to speculate on the price movement of precious metals, or other commodities such as heating oil, without actually taking delivery of the commodity.

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