We seek compensation for victims of securities fraud or misconduct related to oil-and- gas and other energy-based securities. Private oil and gas offerings, and other energy-related offerings such as solar, ethanol, or wind projects — typically involve a high degree of risk. All such risks must be appropriately disclosed, and the investments should only be recommended to those investors to whom they are suitable.

Oil and gas offerings present important investment risks. In addition, investors should be mindful of potential conflicts of interest between the broker and the issuer, or other problematic relationships between the broker and the promoter of the entity or venture.

Unfortunately, many brokers or financial advisors have made misrepresentations and omissions about the use of investors’ monies in oil and gas securities schemes. Omissions often include the existence or size of the sales commissions to brokers, the nature and size of compensation to the promoter and employees of the venture, operating and other expenses for unrelated businesses, and even using the investor money to pay for personal items.

Fraudulent oil and gas scheme are often pitched with wild claims that they are about to “strike it rich”, or that it is likely or even guaranteed that the returns will be too good to pass up. Red flags for sales pitches for private oil and gas offerings include: “can’t miss” wells and “guaranteed” returns, including claims that major oil and gas companies are drilling nearby abnormally high rates of return unsolicited materials and cold calling sales tactics that pressure you to decide right away, like “limited” or “once-in- a-lifetime” opportunity sales pitches touting new technology, especially if it relates to getting higher production out of low-producing wells (sometimes called “stripper” wells)
salesperson claims to be an investor being asked to sign documents acknowledging that the securities laws do not apply to the investment.

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