We represent investors who are have lost money as a result of Internet fraud.

The Internet has become a favorite medium for scammers to defraud their victims, by peddling fraudulent investment schemes or other supposed money-making opportunities. The worldwide spread of the Internet makes it easier for such scammers to reach victims all over the world and quickly raise substantial amounts of money from them.

Internet fraud takes many forms, from pyramid and Ponzi schemes to pay-to-click schemes. In a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, fraudsters will typically promise to investors significant returns on their investments. In reality, and unbeknownst to investors, those returns are paid not with real profits from the supposed business, but with money deposited by new investors. Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are inherently fraudulent and unstable, and in the end will always collapse.

Pay-to-click schemes are fraudulent schemes where unscrupulous promoters create supposed advertising or marketing groups and typically charge a fee to send clicks to a member’s website. The promoters then offer members the “opportunity” to pay (invest) an amount of money and do minimal work (such as clicking for a few minutes every day) in exchange for substantial profits on the money paid/invested.  The schemers are often careful to emphasize that the scheme is not an investment, but their assurances are often false, and the arrangement they offer are securities that are offered in violation of the law and without the required registration.

Since the viability of pay-to-click schemes depend on the scammer’s ability to continuously recruit new members, those schemes ultimately collapse when the scammer is unable to locate such new members.

The RoscaLaw firm principal, Alan Rosca, represents investors in a fraudulent pay-to-click scheme that fraudulently raised over $400 million from over 160,000 investors worldwide.

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